Sunday, March 31, 2013

Still knitting

Before we went away, I started a cotton wrap, a Colonnade shawl. I'm making it in dk cotton instead of big fat Manos wool, and I'm not knitting very much at a time, so it is not getting much bigger very fast.

I made the bit in stocking stitch and have finally started on the colonnade part, where I have to k2tog, yo twice, k2tog across the row. A bit tough on the ol' elbow, so I take it slow.

But I am getting there!

This is what it looked like before our trip.

In other knitting news: I needed to find a tiny crochet hook the other day, so got my whole needle collection out and sifted through it, and realized I had about 10 pairs of 6 mm straight needles, and even more 4.5s. Get a grip, I said! Who needs that many needles, really, truly? So now I have a bundle of ones I am willing to part with. I had thought of suspending them in a window, sort of a bead curtain made of sticks, but I can see too many problems with that -- tangling being the biggest problem! So, I think I'll just send them to the charity shops.

Also, a friend gave me a bunch of Vogue Knitting magazines. I stopped buying them a couple of years ago because it was just mindless accumulation of more and more paper. But I was pleased to get this bag of yarn p*rn, as she calls it, and gladly flipped the pages, making big plans in my head. And then I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, because I guess her cats had been sitting on the magazines and now I am allergic to magazines! They too will be out the door ASAP.

Had a bit of a panic about finding a camera cable, but phew, disaster averted! All is well.

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