Sunday, April 14, 2013

Colonnade progress

I am not knitting the prescribed three rows a day; I have gone for days without knitting anything, and then when I do sit down to knit, I have trouble stopping. I recalculated what I have to do and made it simpler: to finish the yarn I have for this project in April, I have to knit two balls a week.

Oh, no, I can't possibly do that!

And then I knit up a ball in one day.

And then I rested my arm a bit.

And then I realized if I kept going as planned, my circular needle would explode. The pattern increases eight stitches every two rows.

Now I have almost 400 stitches on it and can't comfortably jam any more on. So I will add the rest of the length on sideways -- Elizabeth Zimmermann says not to have a big old long bind-off edge on a shawl anyways!

In keeping with the Colonnade theme, I thought I wanted something architectural and solid rather than lacy and delicate. I had one edging in mind which had garter stitch diamonds, but then I thought I'd just continue the lines of the shawl with these crazy fringes.

Cast on; knit a tiny bit; cast off. Four hundred stitches' worth I have to do this! I am crazy indeed. I think the ridiculous nature of this will keep me from over-working my arm!

When that green runs out I will continue in the navy. I also have tidbits of the other colours which I can fit in somewhere. I figure I should use about 3 or 4 balls of navy for this, meaning I will have a couple left over. 

I will get so bored with casting on and casting off, and surely I shall never finish!

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  1. wow! you have given yourself quite the project!!
    you've made such great progress already, "you can do it!!"


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