Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's all about the vouchers

Toronto has the big film festival in September, and I have seen movies there for the past couple of years. It's a big affair. Lots of people see multiple movies every day and one assumes there are scads of movie stars and bigwigs all over the place.

We also have a documentary film fest, Hot Docs. At first glance, a documentary film festival did not turn my crank, but the home cinema is just down the street and there's always a few good ones which I hear about but don't get around to seeing, so I looked a bit closer and figured the thing to do was to volunteer with them and see what happens! I've volunteered for several do-gooder groups before, and at schools, but here, I am not saving the world or educating dear children or doing much but ripping tickets and telling people which line to stand in, but I'm gettin' me some film vouchers.

As it turned out, I managed to get 3 days' worth of volunteering in the office last week, so, along with a handful of paper cuts, I got vouchers for films already -- the usual "pay" is one movie voucher per 4 or 5 hour shift. We also got a voucher for going to the training session. (What they tell you at the training session: you are invaluable but you have no authority; tell the paid staff if anything weird happens or anyone wants anything special. Be nice. That is all. And that is fine with me.)

Quick as a bunny I traded my vouchers in and will see:

Our Nixon

We Always Lie to Strangers

Choir Boys

Muscle Shoals

 I will get five more vouchers, if all goes according to plan, and have a list of about 15 movies I want to see! Can not wait!

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