Sunday, April 28, 2013

My first Hot Docs movie: Good Ol' Freda

Last night I went to see Good Ol' Freda, the movie about the Beatles' secretary.

She was just 17, you know what I mean! Freda used to go to the Cavern Club on her lunch breaks from the typing pool, and got to know the guys and Brian Epstein. When Epstein needed a secretary, he gave her the job, and she worked with them... from before they were famous till after they had disbanded. She was at the Civic Reception for them, she went on the Magical Mystery Tour, she visited their parents and saw their babies.

Here's a clip, with her talking about her work with the fan club.

And here's a picture of her last night at the theatre. The movie was super, and the Q&A with her and the director, Ryan White, was just icing on the cake.

A woman in the audience stood up and said that she had lived in Toronto when she was younger, and when she was 12, starting to go to the record store on her own to buy Beatles records, her parents moved the family out to the suburbs and her life was more or less over! What to do but write to the Beatles fan club to lament? Freda wrote back, made a connection, cheered the girl up!

She said she answered all the fan club mail! Even after she quit her job and had two little children, she kept going till all the letters were answered. (In the beginning, she had given out her home address, and before long they were getting sacks and sacks of letters!)

It was a really fun evening and a highly recommended film!

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