Saturday, May 25, 2013

Better late than never

Still a bit tentative Wednesday:


Thursday the flower was full-blown open.

Showing off the macro setting

Friday I didn't take a picture! I did, however, buy 2 balls of sock yarn, a 1962 Vogue Knitting magazine and a bunch of fabric in garish colours that I am not sure what to do with! It was the Textile Museum's sale. As usual, I went with my friend who buys more than me, and she performed admirably, going for the fabric this time. I held back from buying acres of upholstery samples. "I could make a cushion! I could sew all these together and make.... something!!" No, no, I couldn't.... One thing at a time. I did get some wild psychedelic stuff that I think I can make a beach bag out of. We shall see. I've added it to the pile.

Saturday's alium
Oh, look a peony is going to bloom, too!
Will take pictures of the acquisitions and more in the days to come. (And I am eager to see what the peony does; I can't even remember what colour the flowers are.)

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  1. beautiful beautiful!! thanks for sharing this with us, it was fun to watch it bloom!!


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