Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The things we do for our wee children

We are still sifting through years of kid stuff while we move the bedrooms around. Elaine's last abandoned bits are still upstairs and need sorting into garbage; things to pass on; and sentimental stuff that the parents want even if the kids don't.

I think this has to end up in the garbage pile, but I took some photos to immortalise it.

I believe we inherited this pair of pants from Arthur's cousins.

The elastic cuffs on the ankles were useful, especially when the pants were really too big for the kid; this way they didn't drag on the ground. However, when Arthur finally outgrew them, I didn't really want to save them for baby Elaine, as they were pretty ratty by then.

He had, I recall, just got a bunch of marbles from somewhere, and since we didn't have a Crown Royal bag handy, I decided to make a bag out of a pant leg, with that elastic cuff as the opening. I think they call this upcycling, these days. (OMG, look at the stuff people make! Quilts! Stuffed creatures!)

upside-down pant-leg = personalized marble bag
reinforced knee, with my writing
Arthur, aged 3 or 4, squeezed fabric paint on the back
such neat red stitching
All good things must come to an end. The fabric is weak, the paint is stiff, the marbles are somewhere else. Farewell, marble bag.


  1. I do hope the pants were in better condition when we passed them on to you!

  2. wow! i head no idea there was such a crafty community around crown royal bags!
    learn something new every day...


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