Saturday, July 27, 2013

And she's off

We put Elaine on the bus for camp this week. Before, she has gone to a Monday-to-Friday camp on Toronto Island, which is familiar, close to home and not too long a time. Now she is off in the wild woods of Ontario for two weeks. With kids who have been going to this camp for years. And so on.

We spent days and days accumulating all the stuff -- sleeping bag for the canoe trip (!); white shirt for Shabbat dinner (yeah, we are not Jewish, but the camp mainly is); beach towels and shower towels and rainboots and water shoes, all of which had to be labelled. I wish I'd taken pictures of the heaps of clothing piled up around here.

I got to use my iron to put the labels on -- that was a pretty rare thing!

And this was the last we saw of her.

At least, we imagined we could see the shapes of her and her friend behind the big window of the bus! (You really have to click this to see that it is a cool reflection and not just a mistake, I think.)

She'll be back, all tanned and happy, in no time, I am sure. 

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  1. It will fly by. Really! :0)
    Why do they have to grow up so fast?


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