Monday, August 19, 2013

Sleepless Knights go to Niagara Falls

This past weekend Arthur and I went to Niagara Falls to meet some of his cyber-cousins. That is fodder for a whole different post, but this one is about our other travelling companions, the Sleepless Knights

We took the train from Toronto. It was okay. Arthur played games on his phone and the Knights just lounged around with a napkin. 

At last, Niagara Falls. We are waiting to go on the Maid of the Mist, and are looking across at the American falls. The knights did not actually get to look at the water thundering and pouring down beside us when we were on the boat because we didn't want them to get wet. They are an excitable lot at the best of times. 

After our boat trip, Arthur, the cousins, the e-mail mommies and I had dinner at Margaritaville. Sir Gawain would have loved it but he can not be trusted in a bar with fancy drinks and women on stilts, I believe.

We got the fancy hat, the lei, and the blue balloon sword (blown up and tied by the woman on stilts; ultimately left in the drawer of the hotel dresser to confuse future travellers) then got back to reading. 

Natural wonders are all very fine, but a good book is such a treat.

The Sleepless Knights were delightful companions on this trip. They are good at travelling and questing and all that. Their adventures are actually much more entertaining than mine and the people/ creatures/ damned dead that they run into are worth getting to know, for sure.

(Disclaimer: I actually bought this book; and then I entered a contest and won some book-related stuff. Some years ago, I attended the wedding of the publisher, but he did not force, compel nor pay me to take the knights to Niagara Falls.)


  1. Both the book's author and publisher approve the use of Sleepless Knights as something to relieve the boredom induced by one of the wonders of the modern world.

  2. this post cracked me up!
    as did the above comment!
    too much fun!

    i'm going to have to go check out "sleepless knights" for myself!


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