Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A quick look at the scarf

It has, I think, finally properly become spring. This morning I looked at the forecast and cut my solid green yarn because it looks like even nighttime temperatures will be above +3ºC from here on in.

On your left, winter; on the right, spring

I did have to go out to get more green, though, a week or two ago. You can see that it is more vibrant than the previous. I don't think it will matter much in the final riot of colour. As the temperatures dip in November, I'll have that nice bright green to look forward to. 

You can see a couple of warm teaser days there before winter gave us its (almost) last blast

Last year at the Hot Docs fest, I worked outside in a tent for a day or two, and needed hats and mittens (though I see I didn't blog about the misery of those shifts). Now it is lovely and sunny, but you can see here that last week, during the first days of the festival, we got a few cold days again! 

I have been seeing two films a day for a while now, and have another two today. Getting worn out, I must say. I'll report back soon about more movies, a bit of knitting and future plans.


  1. Looking good, and I hope your predictions are right.

    If you were tracking precipitation, last week would be even more interesting! Hail, twice a day!

  2. It's looking so pretty already! How long will it be once it's finished?

  3. Wow, it's looking gorgeous!

  4. it's looking fabulous!!
    so much fun to watch this project progress.


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