Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Two more finished thingies!

Here we have a scarf you know, and one you don't. The big blue one got finished this afternoon, at my new Wednesday S'n'B with Alison! First I knitted to within about 5 rows of finishing, only to run out of yarn. So I had to rip back to the middle of the previous triangle to finish it off properly. Argh. But still, it is done and lovely. I just don't know exactly what to do with it, since I need another scarf like a hole in the head. I think I know who does need such a thing, so it'll likely be in the mail shortly.

The other is what happens when Mommy is too keen. Elaine will be an angel in the school Christmas production, and she wears a long white T-shirt for a costume. She thought it would be nice with a golden belt, so I went out and got some twinkly goldie stuff and whipped up a one-ball wide belt/short scarf. But then the teacher says she doesn't in fact get a belt, and all the angel wings and haloes and whatever is all supplied. So, hmm, maybe I should add on another ball and make a scarf that is actually long enough... Decisions...


  1. Hello across the ocean! Just wanted to let you know that Elaine's special deliver for Lily arrived yesterday. Lily has already written back, so keep an eye out on your mailbox! Nice job on the knitting - I'm up to my ears in making those little mini-sweater ornaments. Take care! -sue

  2. Hi Mary - do you know of any other S'n'Bs in Cambridge? (I think your Wed one is during the day?) I'm in Cambridge too, and I'd love to meet some other knitters some time.

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog - I'll try to get to at least one of them (I too have small children, and I work part-time) - it looks like I may be able to make it to the Tuesday one too - hope to see you there.


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