Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Waah, I need bifocals!

(Insert photo here of 40-something knitter peering over her glasses to sew in ends on a sweater knit with 3 mm needles.) Phew, this is crazy! Modeled photos of the pink cardigan any day now, folks. Just have to sew in a few ends and put the teeny tiny buttons on. I hope my daughter can put them through the teeny tiny holes. The buttons we chose were so small I just made yarn-over buttonholes.
And now I 've got that off my chest, I'll go squint at my work again for a bit!

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  1. :D or a hands-free magnifier. I dont' think it's got anything to do with your age. Just the size of the 'thread'. I'm not sure I sent my reply to you to the right email addy, so I'll post it again here:

    "[The Portland Arms is] on the corner of Chesterton Way.
    We meet every Wednesday from about 12:00 - the 'regulars' are myself and Hilary - who is more a
    cross-stitcher than a knitter - a nd Brenda - who knits, embroiders and does bobbin lace."

    Will we be seeing you later??



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