Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday treats of all sorts

I thought I would take a picture of the amaryllis once a week, but I must rethink that since it is growing fast. Quite the spectator sport! Frequent updates to follow!

There's also been a bit of knitting. The red lace is sooooo nice. It's soft and pretty and easy to knit, and Elaine has been complaining that she needs a longer scarf, so though it will add yet more colour to her outdoor ensemble (hot pink snow pants, lilac coat, green hat) I think she'll get it. (That's not a cable down the middle, but the leaves make a nice wavy pattern. They'll block out flat if I yank on it.)

I redid the neck on Arthur's pullover, and I think it's an improvement. ("Before" picture here.) One sleeve more or less attached. We're getting there.

I might just have a report on a new knitting store after the weekend! KT and I are thinking of venturing out to the Purple Purl, and perhaps the snow-covered beach! (Plans subject to change since there are two 10-year-old boys involved.)

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