Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick round-up

Guess what I got for Christmas?! The new Mason Dixon knitting book!

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I didn't rush out and get it sooner, but sometimes that happens.

It is as lovely as I had thought -- must read from cover to cover, must make those dishrags!

And guess what Elaine got? A top-secret knitting project, finished on time and everything!

(I hadn't sewn in the end of the neck edging, just in case she couldn't fit her big noggin through it, but all was well.)

The front intarsia is from this pattern, but as you see, I altered the sweater quite a bit!

The back marks her as a member of the crew of the Lizzie M, the terror of the seas.

We had a great time, we ate too much, it was snowy, it got warmer, we're off to see some cousins, see you later!

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