Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog, Ravelry? Ravelry, Blog?

Here's some random thoughts about blogging and Ravelry-haunting.

  • I hate using Flickr to put up pictures on Ravelry, so several projects have never made it there.
  • I really like looking at other people's projects, finished and in-progress, on Ravelry.
  • Hmm.
  • I find it disappointing that everyone makes the same dang thing. My one project that has attracted the most attention is Kiri, one of the most popular shawls around.
  • I like to join groups, but rarely go back to see what's happening. The one group thread I love to read is the one about spotting other knitters on the Toronto Transit. Except that there's now someone making too many stupid comments...
  • I like blogging because I can ramble on like this and not worry about what thread it should be in!
  • Also I like to read other people's blogs about their lives and their knitting, rather than just look at a picture of their finished work on Rav.
  • I find Ravelry useful as a tool, but don't contribute enough to be very useful myself. Maybe I should just stick with that and not worry about posting my own stuff there.

And then it begins to get silly. I'll just go sweep my floor now, and then take my knitting on the subway to see in anyone spots me!


  1. There's now the option to upload project photos to Ravelry direct from your computer - haven't tried it myself though!

  2. I am with you, I use stuff other people have on Ravelry, but don't share enough myself. I haven't been able to get the post from your open computer photo thing working.


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