Monday, March 28, 2011

It's done

I could still get myself a few teeny buttons, but the Noro cardigan is done! I wish the colours had turned out a bit more mixed up -- I didn't mean to be so matchy, matchy! But it is quite lovely nonetheless.

bad hair, nice cardi

The sleeve/shoulder join is a bit pointy. Setting in sleeves is not something I've done a lot of, really. It might also be a blocking feature, since it was lying flat with those shoulder seams folded, instead of being on a round shoulder!

I should have got my photographer to show you the beautifully mattress-stitched side seams, though, as they are marvellous.

and the back

Now onto the next thing! I am working with renewed vigor on the black witchy shawl, and have started a new lace stole... just what I need, non?

And! Now that I am finished with this, I can start in again on the Noro scalloped shawl -- I had run short of this colourway and now I know how much leftovers I have.

I still mean to make the rainbow Botticelli as well, but I slipped a bit on Ebay last night and got myself another Rowan magazine full of Felted Tweed patterns, so don't place any bets just yet.


  1. It's stunning! Congratulations on finishing it.

  2. Looks great, glad you finished it. Perfect for spring.

    So, shawl-a-paloza for a while, sounds good.

  3. Fantastic...just beautiful and inspiring!

  4. Love the cardi, Love your hair, and Love you too Mary. I'd think about stuffing those shoulders round with a towel and hitting them with some steam just to knock down the points. And really - you'd think you could count on Noro to be anything but matchy-matchy. I think it's gorgeous.

  5. oh my... this is beyond fantastic! perhaps "fantasteriffic?"

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    wonderful wonderful work!!


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