Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Latest news: I am a doofus

I have sock-in-bag which I carry around. I knit it on buses or in waiting rooms. Simple, kid-sized, plain.

I finished the first one. Kitchenered the toe, sewed the ends in, admired it.

The toe decreases are above the gusset decreases.

Oops. That toe looks a bit skew-whiff, as they say.

The toe decreases are below the gusset decreases.

A person would have to have very strange feet to fit these, so I guess that I will be doing some rip and redo. Dang.


  1. How sensitive are the intended feet? I'm not sure that it will be noticeable in use. Or at least it is the smallest part of the sock if you do need to rip it. :-(

  2. I have a pair that I did that on. (They were my first pair, and the slant was WAY worse) I wear them anyway, and they are my favorite pair of handmade socks.

  3. love the sock - and "skew-wiff!"
    i'm going to try to work that into my daily vernacular.


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