Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick distraction

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Actually he is my sister-in-law's husband, so I'm not sure if he is actually my brother-in-law or not. Whatever.

He is the guy with the boat. And now he has a new boat, and is having a boat-warming and Big Birthday party all in one... on the other side of the country.

So, he gets a dishcloth. All the boat dishcloth patterns seem to have sailboats, and his is a motorboat. Hmm, some other seafaring icon then...

The colour is awful here, but you can see it is a lighthouse. Note the lovely cast on edge with the little nubbins. Those are from the Channel Island cast on, which I decided to practise! There is only one drawback to this cast on:

This is the proper colour!

Three strands to weave in after the first row! Not a terrible misfortune, but a wee pain.

I wish I could hand-deliver the dishcloth to the boat... I mean, to John. Happy birthday and boat-warming day!


  1. I would say that he's your in-law twice removed, but I have a weird way of saying that kind of thing.

  2. fun dishcloth!
    i agree, it's too bad you couldn't deliver it in person.... :)

  3. I just tried that cast-on, and if I don't pull it all out due to my terrible job, I might keep the little loop to use as a... loop. Might be handy on the boat, too, for hanging the cloth. But then you'd want it at the top and you'd have to knit the whole pattern upside down and clearly that ship has sailed already. (Ha!)

  4. P.S. in English, brother-in-law is an ambiguous term. No easy solution that I know of except to specify "married to my husband's sister" vs "brother of my husband" vs "husband of my sister." (Substitute partner/sibling in all cases, actually.) But other languages permit/oblige you to differentiate, I think.


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