Friday, March 11, 2011

What's happening around here

Not much...
  1. I made a secret something that I'll show you next week. 
  2. I think I lost a sock needle, perhaps on the seat in the pub where we went for my birthday dinner.
  3. It was so horrible out that day that we just went to our local, one block away, instead of to the more thrilling place farther afield.
  4. The horrible weather has at least washed away most of the snow, though my front yard is still covered in ice.
  5. March Break is next week, so I hope to do lots of fun things, but will likely mostly try to stop children from squabbling.
  6. March Break always has bad weather: not snowy enough to go sledding, not springlike enough to enjoy being out for a walk. 
  7. Wow, this is very boring. 
  8. I will get back to my back and forth on the Noro cardigan. It is also quite boring, which is one reason I am not speeding along with it.
  9. That's all, folks.

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