Sunday, September 25, 2011

A bit of excitement

Once upon a time, I grew a big, tall avocado plant. It continued on, putting out a few leaves, dropping a few leaves, getting taller and crazier looking.

I had another pit, and just shoved it in the dirt without starting it in water. Then, the other day, in a lame attempt to force the tall plant to do something, I cut its top off. I think there was one leaf.

So I was pleased to notice that the neglected second pit has exerted itself to put out a little stick! 

The much taller stick seems to have some proto-leaves at its top, too, so we may see some action there, or I may have discouraged it too much. I'll get a picture, if anything really develops!

And that's all the news from us. 


  1. OK, but if you can grow avocados in Ontario, I think you should get a special green thumb award!


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