Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yellowness and knitting

After my yellowish September square, knitting has not been very yellow at all. Last bits of summer flowers, however, provide us with a bit of the Project Spectrum colour of the month.

The knitting might not be really yellow, but it is almost every other colour! Green, purple, pink, turquoise, brown...

This is the fan shawl I started some time ago (hmm, in January, it seems!). This will be super stunning, I am sure!

Perhaps it will be done this coming weekend, and I will spread it out and the sun will shine and we will all sigh and admire it.


  1. ooh can't wait to see this all finished!

  2. Oooahhh! got it!!!:0) I made Su read the card out loud which says she is not allowed to steal it ..hehehe ..oh aaand the postmaster liked the "this is not an ipod" was her favorite parcel today!
    stand by for pictures!


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