Thursday, October 27, 2011

That shawl

Finally this has reached its destination so I can blog about it!

Oh, my! This was fun to knit (although I ignored it for a while, when something new took my fancy -- can't remember what, now!).

The pattern calls for knitting each module onto the next one, but then cut the yarn at the end of each, and work in horizontal rows. I followed hints found on Ravelry and just knit the diagonal rows from bottom to top, picking up stitches for the next shell along the side of the shell I had just finished. I had two colourways of Kureyon sock, and mainly just let the colours flow, but did occasionally change things up. I don't think it looks diagonally striped at all, does it?

I finished it a couple of weeks ago now and mailed it off to my sister-in-law in BC for her 50th birthday! Stephen cleverly packed it in an iPad box, just to tease, and took it off to the post office. The fellow at the counter told him it'd be there "on Wednesday," which of course costs more than "sometime in the next couple of weeks."

When her birthday came and went, and our tracking information showed that in a week it had got about 5 miles, we contacted the post office and had moments of panic, thinking something terrible had happened, but it did show up where it was supposed to be the very next day, and only a week later than our cheerful salesman had suggested!

I've been promised pictures of it in use, so do stay tuned for that!


  1. That is beautiful! I have to admit, I wondered from the title of your post if it was going to be the witchy shawl (after all, 'tis the season!), but this is just wonderful.

  2. Very nice too! and I can't wait to see it in use as well :)

  3. Rumor is that since you paid extra for express you could complain to customer service that it took way too long to get here and get your postage back number is on your bill! :)

  4. amazing! gorgeous! stunning!!
    i love it!!


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