Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catch up, with knitting

I have been knitting, really. It seems like I haven't finished anything for a while, but I've been making some progress.

This crazy thing will one day be a big, holey, cotton scarf. I'm not sure it will be a great thing, but it's an experiment! Long, long ago (September 2008, as I see) I got this Rowan Cotton Tape from someone. It was when our gang was doing a lot of charity knitting and a friend took it and made a baby blanket out of some of it. The other day she and I were planning our "enrichment cluster" at the school and going through her yarn and things. (A piece of advice: do not volunteer to teach knitting to grade 1 and 2 kids. The middle school guys were bad enough. We're introducing god's eyes this week so we get some peace.) Well, we found the blanket, all knitted and needing a few ends sewn in, and a few balls of this yarn left. I volunteered to take it off her hands and sew in the ends.

Then I had to decide what the heck to do with purple and pink cotton tape! We'll see how it goes. The stitch pattern is from Reversible Knitting, and is quite cool.

This is my most recent dishrag. I started it in Saint Lucia; it's the Chinese Waves pattern, my new fave. 

I finished it at City Hall a couple of weeks ago when there were a bunch of knitters hanging about supporting striking library workers.  (I am not in any of those pictures, and those are way better than the phone pictures I got of the day.)

Another leftover project from Saint Lucia is my multidirectional scarf.

This is ye olde pattern that I made once before, in England, in 2005! (And another time, as well!) I was looking for something to do with this yarn and saw one on Ravelry, so this was my plane knitting on holiday. I love the way the yarn patterning works in the triangles.

What I've really been working on lately is this blanket, the rehabilitation of Basalt. Yesterday it looked like this, but I have since sewed that hexagon up and...

... added a border on the straight edge. I was worried I would have nothing but yellow and dark green left if I just carried on, so I got a bit of the brown and light green in! Purple and "mushroom" is all gone.  One more hexagon and a half, then another border.

The last thing that is on my mind, if not my needles, is Botticelli! I started the border, found that I had made a mistake right at the beginning of it, and also found that it is not an intuitive pattern, not fun and easy at all! So I tossed it aside to think about it, and as soon as I finish up a few things here, I will make a slightly different border and get 'er done.

If I were cleverer, I would divide this up and make a week's worth of posts out of it. Sigh.


  1. I love the border you are adding on the Basalt. Looks great!

  2. everything looks lovely!
    i too love the border you're adding to your basalt. it really brings the whole thing together nicely.


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