Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Something strange

I was going through my drafts folder to see what pearls of my wisdom were as yet unpublished.

I came across a cute picture from Pinterest, but I can't actually get back to any sort of source for it. What the heck, it's here among other pinboards! 

Oh, do you suppose I could impress my kids with this now? I think not. But, cute.

I also found a link to this very cool art show at the National Portrait Gallery in London. There are fourteen portraits of people who may or may not be someone known to history. People have written fake biographies of them. Just another reason to go to London this spring, but alas, no can do.

Lastly, there was something knitting-related! Perhaps I ran across this on Ravelry, but I can't recall. It's called Colour through the Year, and all I have is:
  • Jan-Feb: Red
  • Mar-Apr: Orange
  • May-June: Yellow
  • July-Aug: Green
  • Sept-Oct: Blue
  • Nov-Dec: Purple
I may have knitted a red dishcloth... certainly not much in the way of orange lately.  Nor do I plan any yellow any time soon. I think this was really a non-starter!

My basaltic blanket is so close to completion! I can almost promise you a picture of the finished object by the end of the week!

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