Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's excitement

I was sittin' here doing my nails with my new purple nail polish, when the phone rang. It was Arthur, saying the school was on fire, his money and bus tickets were in his locker inside, and would I come to get him.

So, off I went!

As we were approaching the subway station and I was looking for my tokens, some girls told us that the subway was free for students of the school, so he could have come home on his own... but then I would have missed the excitement!

Apparently the fire started in a drama classroom! Costumes, props, painted backdrops? I'm betting he'll get a few days off school, and things will be messed up for some time. Yet another reason not to be a school administrator; what a headache!

ETA: There are sufficient half-empty schools around, so he's off to a different school building for a few days! Can't wait till they let the kids back into the building to retrieve their lunch bags....


  1. Wow! Excitement for Arthur! Glad to hear everyone was safe and sound (except one firefighter). I read the newspaper article. Guess Arthur won't miss any school. Oh, well... At least he'll have a tale to tell.

  2. oh goodness! glad everyone's alright!


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