Friday, April 20, 2012

The white speck

Yesterday I was in my yard* trying, as I do every spring, to dig up the grass and leave the hostas, when I saw this moth who settled on my greenery. Imagine my delight when it was still there after I'd gone to find the camera!

So I got this sort of okay picture, and sent it to my pal the Moth Man. He just published a field guide to moths. I did some proofreading and copy editing for him, and he gave me a copy of the book. Now, apparently, I am equipped to identify my own moths, and he made me look it up myself! Harsh.

After one attempt which got the response "No - laughs..." I did figure it out.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of The White Speck.


*Do you always type yarn, when you mean to type yard? I do.


  1. Congratulations on your moth identification. Nice picture, although I didn't see the moth at first - he was so still. :-)
    Autumn graduated from college today. He got his high scghool equivalency and ECE Assistant. Syd and I met up with Kathy and family to cheer him on.

  2. that is harsh - but yay for you for identifying it on your own! now you are self sufficient *and* i know who to send my moth identification questions to :)

    and yes, i always type yarn when i mean yard... i wonder if non-knitters ever do this?

  3. *snort* about the typing!


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