Sunday, May 06, 2012

A hat

I can't remember when I bought this yarn, but it was long, long ago. It still had aged masking tape around it from the sale room at Romni. No label, no idea about it, except that it is sock yarn. And seemed so fun and rainbowy.

But look: it knits up rather... ugly.

This is a baby hat, and all babies are cute, especially in hats. So, I was hopeful it would all turn out well. After all, it was quite nice in pink, in 2006.

I put another sophisticated button on it. What's the point of a miscellaneous button box except to put slightly odd buttons on things?

The colours behave themselves much better when they are knitted in the round, rather than back and forth. This is made like the top of any other hat, but it goes on the back of the head. 

I think it will be fine. I need a baby's head for a proper modeled shot, because it will stretch out lengthwise. The pattern is from an ancient "learn to knit" booklet from Patons. I think this can be called cute, even in those totally weird colours, can't it?


  1. well i think it makes a fun baby hat.
    babies are so stinkin' cute, they can pull off anything!

  2. Looks cute from where I sit. And S. has a teacher-baby situation in progress. Hmmmm. Did it take a whole ball? I think I have half a ball of sock yarn left over from my mittens. And maybe some other options.

  3. I think it's a very cute hat. And think of all the different colours of snowsuits it will go with. :-) I think it's a great hat. Diane

  4. The colors are very nice. The hat is gorgeous.


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