Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre-startitis twitching

Let's make a list of WIPs.
  1. The grey sock. Still only one, or in fact, a half. But I have been working on it lately, thinking I might give it (and a mate) to someone in June. 
  2. Botticelli. Yeah, that border. Thinking of it.
  3. Sunday Best!! I want it now, but have just that last 75% of the sweater to knit.
  4. I have to either mend socks or knit a lot more. Arthur has gone past the "feet grow so fast" stage to the stage where he can wear through the socks. Urgh. Lucky it is summer and even he rarely wears wool socks in the summer.
  5. I'm sure there are a ton more things waiting for my attention.
  6. One of those things was the Horses in a Meadow scarf. But, the other day I was in the Knit Cafe and I was ogling the Koigu. I had sort of wanted to make something like Charlotte's Web, but although they all look wonderful, it's not a very exciting thing to knit, compared to some shawls one sees out there. So I had my Koigu on the table and was going through patterns in the shop and came across Jared Flood's Rock Island. Oh my heavens above. Of course, I had to then rethink my yarn, because even if I want five colours for the one shawl, I don't really want five colours for this shawl. Lightbulb moment: I have some lovely laceweight at home, in just my colours, with which I have barely started a scarf. So I bought the pattern and came home and frogged my few inches of scarf and am ready to start anew.
  7. Also, I couldn't resist buying some yarn... Hand Maiden Casbah. I decided I would make mittens. Yeah, very summery, I know. I couldn't decide between two colourways till I said to my friend, "Do I want vibrant, yellow, sunshiney mittens, or... " and she looked at my other choice and said, "Gloomy, stormy, dark mittens." Right. So I bought the bright yellow/green/pink yarn and might just make Knotty Gloves.
Meadow, is it golden?
or is it green?

Surely that is enough. So far I have refrained from actually casting on two new attention-needing patterns. For now. I have wound the skein into a ball. Tipping over the edge, though, is only a step away.

Whatever, I'm certainly in a yellowy phase!

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  1. Are you knitting the new shawl at the same gauge as the frogged one? Would you like to borrow the needle tips again? And maybe a longer cord? If so, remind me what size the tips probably were . . .


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