Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday's divine roast lamb

This is the lamb I bought when I went to pick up a ton of tangled red acrylic yarn.

And this is some potato, carrot and rutabaga.

And this is perhaps the most divine part of the whole meal: the sauce! Pan juices, stock, capers, mint and a splash of vinegar.

This all adds up to Jamie Oliver's roast lamb recipe. He appears to have used meat with a bone in, and mine was boneless. He says not to peel the garlic, but I had already peeled it by the time I read the recipe! He also says to serve it with greens; I planned to serve asparagus, and ended up with salad.

I shall definitely remember this for a rather special meal again! The meat did fall to bits with tender deliciousness and the gravy was super, especially all over the mashed veg!

One wee point: I bet the metric version is the original, and the copy I have has been "translated" into pounds and ounces and cups. Now I see the original, I notice that he calls for 2 kg of lamb, and my book says 2.2 pounds, or one kilo! Tsk tsk. I shall check that sort of thing before embarking on another recipe!

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