Sunday, June 10, 2012

I went, I took no pictures

Last week Elaine and I hopped on a plane and went west. We passed over the prairies and the multicoloured fields were quite spectacular. Of course, by the time I had found my camera, we were getting into the clouds, but you can see what I mean here.

We had to stop in the Vancouver airport for an hour or two. Of course, I took pictures of knitting.

This is a sock I knit long ago. The front was pretty worn out, with holes too big to darn (comfortably) so I took the top off and am reknitting it.

But, alas, I ran out of yarn and hadn't put another little ball of leftover stuff in the bag. So, without even a darning needle, I slipped the stitches onto the last bit of yarn and will get them finished up soonish. Aren't I clever?

These babies were for my dad. I got up extra early that morning to finish off the toe, and they are all perfect. (More or less... there is one place where I messed up the pattern, but had forgot it till this very moment. And it is not visible in this picture, so I guess it doesn't really exist at all.) Recognize the carpet? I will never be able to pass through this airport without tossing some knitting on the floor and photographing it.

We got to Castlegar, saw three sisters, a brother and a sister-in-law, a niece and her daughter, a nephew and other miscellaneous types, and took two pictures. Here's one. My brother looking at some rusty stuff in the woods.

The other picture was taken on the same occasion, and is of the back of Elaine's head and my sister-in-law in the background.

No pictures of the lovely three-year-old, no pictures of the nonagenarian parents, no pictures of the lot of us all in a row. No pictures of the bald eagle we saw from the car one day. (No pictures of us laughing when I said that we'd seen a bald eagle driving to Nelson!)

On the way home the clouds were lit up marvellously by the setting sun. So, a picture of the schmutz on the window of the airplane:

I vow to take pictures next time! Of actual people! And tomorrow I will show you pictures of the stuff I took out of the box labeled "thrift store or ??" of "junk" my parents were parting with.

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  1. well even though you have very few photos i hope that you had a wonderful wonderful trip full of memories not captured on film!


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