Sunday, June 17, 2012

A sock, five years later

Two years ago, we planted this wisteria in a box on our top deck. The first winter we surrounded it with insulating bags of old leaves, but this past winter we totally neglected it. But look! A flower! This single flower is quite gorgeous. Of course, we are hoping this will grow to cover the deck, giving us shade and tons of dripping purple flowers.

Soon we will also have daylilies flowering up there as well. We hacked a bunch of these out of the front yard and Stephen didn't want to just put them in the garden waste bin, so they are in a big pot, and seem to be thriving!

The reason I was up there with a camera in the first place: I finished a sock! And this is going to be a single sock, so I call it a true FO. Since Arthur wears his socks mismatched anyways, a single sock is not a problem!

Long, long ago, I was making socks with this yarn and lost my knitting bag! So this lone ball has stuck around for five years, waiting patiently to be turned into something. And look, if only I'd been quicker, I could have finished a sock with the single ball of yarn, but now Arthur's feet are too big!

A tiny bit of green and white on the toe. (That yarn is from his Jaywalkers, which didn't need a whole ball since I did coloured heels.)

Moving inside for the modeled shot!

Jazzy, eh?


  1. Ohhhh wisteria...I wish I could grow it here.

  2. hooray for mismatched socks! that's how lily wears her socks too!


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