Monday, June 18, 2012

Yet another sock toe

This pair of socks is quite old, and the front halves had big holes. So, although I couldn't put my hand on any leftovers of the original yarn, I mended them with some serviceable alternative. Two different serviceable alternatives, in fact.

Added bonus: A picture of my new project bag! These sold out lickety-split, and for some reason I got in at the very beginning. Nice and big, for a little bag.

I would prefer a bag with a double drawstring, but let's not niggle. 


  1. You are on a sock-finish-up roll!

    Nice bag, very cute and fun to check out all the little images.

  2. oh you were quick enough to nab on of the rav-bags! i was not - now i have to wait for the next shipment :)


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