Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Other things we did on holiday

We managed to fit in some non-knitting activities in Southampton.

Once we went to a place that sold wooden furniture, plastic gewgaws and yarn. Elaine was delighted with this large green ball! (Not delighted enough to want to knit anything with it, but delighted nonetheless.)

I was more taken with the Peaches & Creme. The solid colours were either not very thrilling, or that nice green in the double-weight stuff! I think this is what you need to make Absorba the Great, but it's too heavy for your average rag. I got a couple of balls of variegated, and two balls of Kroy sock yarn, which you know I'll get around to knitting some day.

We also picked up some jello moulds! Make little jelly bundt cakes! And a very useful "beach umbrella screw thingmajig" that you screw into the sand to hold your umbrella up. Now we need to go to more sandy beaches to get some use out of both umbrella and screw. 

We watched sunsets. This one was spectacular because of the clouds. 

We went and visited a colleague of Stephen's who has a great cottage on Georgian Bay. The weather was a bit grey that day, but we toughed it out, eating a lovely lunch on the deck, watching the clouds go by. That same day we saw a potter Stephen knows, Steve Irvine. Really fantastic to see his workshop and kiln and then his house with all these great pots around! He makes pinhole cameras, too, out of clay!

Oh, another sunset, with clouds that seem to distort the sun on its way down. 

One evening before sunset we walked to the big flagpole. Somehow we didn't take a photo of the flag itself, which is 25 feet high and 50 long. You can see Stephen's video of the flag flapping in the wind here, though. And this picture gives you a sense of how high the dang pole is!

We went out on the point near here and found a kite lying in the bushes. We followed the string back to where it had been held down by rocks. It was quick work to get it back up and we reburied the end of the string further out on the point and left it there again.  I hope the owner was a bit puzzled when/if he came back to retrieve it!

A final sunset, with pile of rocks.

Now, back to the grind. We are in the process of moving Arthur's bedroom to the basement/man-cave/former playroom. So playroom stuff is all over the house, Arthur's stuff is all over the house, holiday stuff is all over the house... The fun never ends.

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  1. that is the biggest skein of yarn ever! too funny!

    love that last photo - so restful and beautiful.


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