Monday, December 21, 2015

Another winter solstice comes

My Temperature Scarf is done!

It should, I suppose, be called the Temperature Cowl now.  

Some have called it "garish," and some have called it "nice." 

I like it and it is certainly warm! 

What I have used/have left: 
Darkest blue, for -15ºC and lower: used 25g, have 25 left
bright blue for -10 to -14: used 26g, have 24 left
pretty variegated icy colours for -4 to -9: used 40g, have 10 left
green for -3 to +3: used 92g, have 8 left
green variegated for 4 to 10: used 87, have 13 left
yellow variegated for 11 to 15: used 74g, have 26 left
yellow/orange for 16 to 20: used 71g, have 29 left
orange variegated for 21 to 27: used 61g, have 39 left
and red for 28 and above: used 30g, have 20 left

I needed two skeins of the yarn for everything from -3ºC to 27ºC. Most for -3 to +3!

I'd love to see what other places need. Hmm, when we retire to Vancouver, I'll do another one, but in laceweight yarn!

This thing is huge.


  1. I think it's gorgeous! And completely marvelous on you.

  2. It's fab! When winter eventually arrives you'll love the size and wrmth as you wrap it arround your neck! The bright colours will lift your spirits as well.

  3. wow, it's amazing! I've been looking forward to seeing how it would turn out. You can wear it so beautifully and so proudly- it turned out great! I am still many too many months behind on my weather blankie. Hopefully soon I'll catch up!

  4. And now you can call it The Hottest Year on Record Cowl*

    * (At time of creation)


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