Sunday, December 06, 2015

Done doodling

I finished this up a few days ago, sewed in all the ends, blocked it nicely. You will notice that I didn't end up doing the leaf edging. I thought I could get it to work on the wavy edge, because Stephen West does suggest doing a few rows of garter before casting off. But in fact the width of the knitted-on edging didn't work in the dips of the knitting; everything got squashed together too much. Maybe if I had stuck with it and blocked it, I could have got it to work, but I decided that perhaps I'd best just do what the designer told me to.

 Now you get lots of detail pics:

The very end

The long cable up one edge

A wee bit of the long wavy edge

The lovely wavy edge

The whole thing laid out on the floor

Everyone seemed to do this pose

A bit cold for these outdoor shots

It'll be very warm, I think

I ran out of every scrap of yarn. I knew the red wouldn't last, and indeed I ended up using all the red, all the orange, and a bit of another reddish sock yarn you can see in the top picture here. I did four wedges of the green, interspersing a few orange short rows here and there, and had about a foot of the green left before the last increase row. I used the thrift-store yellow for that row and a couple beyond, before casting off in all the little tidbits of red and orange.

 I kind of like it, but have enough wool shawls! I am donating this to a group here in Toronto collecting woollies for refugees. It will certainly keep someone cosy and warm.