Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another side of winter

Ah, we have the Christmas cookies, the beautiful amaryllis... and the snow. Toronto went without snow till now -- we had the first snowless November in recorded history. So, it's giving it a try now, but with temperatures going up to +4 today, it'll just be a miserable slushy day.

Our back porch after Stephen and Elaine left for school.

There's rather a lot of prints, because you have to go part way, then remember you need shoes for when you're inside at school, turn around, tramp back into the house, then out again. Ick.

But, the amaryllis is just peacefully growing and flourishing.

I wonder what kind of creature it needs to pollinate it. Look at that inviting display!


  1. I am so not ready for snow.
    Luckily, we haven't any right now.
    Just bitter cold. Meh.

  2. hooray for snow!
    your amaryllis is gorgeous!


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