Saturday, March 08, 2014

The cloche is finished

This was the original Ravellenics project, which got a bit neglected during the Games, due to the WIP wrestling that was going on. But now, voilà, finie.

The pattern says to knit the brim 21.5 inches long, but of course, it stretches!

So I made mine 18.5 or so, and it fits around the hat and around my head and all is good. Also, I was running out of yarn! I have about 10 or 12 feet left, so plenty to have knit another inch or two on the brim, but this makes a nice snug fit.

I don't know if I will rush to make this again. I think another time, I might knit the bobbly hat, with a nice rib along the bottom and not bother with the very chic and slightly fiddly brim. This does look nice, though, I think...

Okay, maybe it was all worth it.

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