Friday, May 30, 2014

My Alabama Chanin amuse-bouche

When I tweeted that I was going to do this, Mason-Dixon Kay replied:
Indeed, my bouche is certainly amused by this!

You get one piece of plain cotton jersey, and one piece with leaves stencilled on.

You can outline the stencil and then cut out the middle.

You get another piece of fabric with the same leaves stencilled on the wrong side, which you can cut out and appliqué to your top piece.

You can rummage around the house and find some beads to sew on in a scatter pattern or in a nice line.

You can even appliqué a leaf and then cut out two layers of fabric.

And outline leaves with beads and little blobs with stem stitch.

Lots of work to do! I can see why a handmade dress from this company costs a small fortune. It's a labour-intensive way to do things, but oh, so fun!

When I finish I will have a nice piece of decorated and embellished fabric. Will it get put on the wall, sewn onto something else, made into a Scrabble tile bag? Only time will tell!

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