Sunday, November 08, 2015

More on the mystery knitalong

In case you are wondering if you, too, should do the Stephen West knitalong, I will show you his enticing video. Who can refuse this guy?

I went out today and bought a new third colour, a sort of poopy green. (What, Mary is using green yarn, what a surprise!) I think the whole thing will be a tad eye-searing, but that's okay.

Still knitting, and my arm is objecting slightly. I think I won't get all the first clue done before I take off for BC on Tuesday morning, so I guess I know what I'll be knitting on the plane now. (I'm packing a sock as well, of course.)

And in other news, Elaine and Stephen both got new i-Phones! OMG. She's sitting here beeping and blurping at me, trying out new ringtones and so on.