Thursday, May 25, 2017

My purse

Today's Think Write Thursday chore is to describe the contents of my purse.

I have an uncanny ability to pick out the most expensive purse on the table in the shop, and am on a permanent, never-ending quest for the perfect bag. Is it big or small, the perfect bag? Cross-body or clutch? It varies with the season and the occasion.

My present purse is a fancy-schmancy Harvey's seatbelt satchel. Of course, I didn't spend $100+ on it, but $12.99 at Value Village. It is way cool, red, capacious. Also heavy and a bit awkward to carry. Not perfect, but it's working for now.

What I put in my bag, however, is pretty simple. Wallet, keys, phone. Knitting sometimes, pens. Bus tokens. This red bag can hold some papers or a book, has even carried a bottle of wine from place to place!

If you want to see what other people put in their bags, check the links here.


  1. I love your bag! What a brilliant woven purse!

  2. Cute bag! And wine in the bag is ALWAYS good - lol

  3. That's gorgeous bag and one that would be nice to carry anything!

  4. That is an interesting bag, and the ability to fit a bottle of wine is a real selling point!


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