Sunday, October 15, 2017

Finished something

I was away for a week, but now I am back and will show you my latest accomplishment. I needed something that didn't need sleeves like Elaine's sweater, and would go with some speed, unlike that shawl on 3.25 mm needles! So I started Esjan with some green cotton boucle that a friend had given me a year or so ago. I think she started to make a sweater but gave up on the whole project.

I knit a ton of garter stitch, increasing across the row once in a while to make a semi-circle shape.

After a while, one is instructed to make these big holes, like 5 yarnovers at once, increased to 9 stitches! Totally disguised while on the needles, as it looks just like a big lump. When it comes off the needles, it's a big crazy, holey, pointy, semi-circular shawl.

I have to wash it and block it a bit to neaten things up.

Green garter stitch as far as the eye can see...

Now to do some laundry, sort out the house a bit and settle back in.

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