Monday, September 17, 2007

I bought some yarn

I'd given up on my promises of knitting from stash a while ago, since I am apparently weak and unable to pass a yarn store without yielding to the call. I am happy to note that soon September will be over and my kinda obligation to not buy yarn will be over!

Anyways, I was at Romni the other day, replacing my lost cable needle. I took a stroll through the sale stuff downstairs, and found 10 balls of Yorkshire Tweed Chunky, in a lovely blue.

There's my winter vest, right?

Great progress is being made on the second sock, and I'm pretty sure I'll finish one of my goals for this month. Whoo hoo.


  1. I have ten balls of that too... I kept looking at the ones at Romni thinking I should get a few extra to make Dickenson. I guess you solved my dilemma!

  2. I love that yarn. That colour is fab ! Wish Rowan would stop ditching the nice yarns/colours.
    It will make a great vest. Why not ''design'' it yourself ? There's Ann Budd's template book from interweave. You could add a nice cable or two...

  3. That looks like color Damp -- I am making Moonlight from Rowan 34 with that color. I'm with Emma - I wish Rowan would quit messin around with the colors and yarns.


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