Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little light refreshment

On the weekend we were out and about, trying out Elaine's bike-with-no-training-wheels, and we hit a couple of yard sales. Got 2 nice glasses for 25 cents apiece, and 5 balls of this blue wool. A bit ancient, but apparently not moth-eaten or anything. Scarf, anyone?

The sale where I found the wool was closing down, so I got the 5 balls, half a bag of polyfill stuffing and a laptop case for $1. The bag was made when laptops were the size of steamer trunks, but I think it'll be a fine knitting bag, with all those pockets and flaps and stuff. I love pockets and flaps....

I would show you the triumphant cycling Elaine, but we took a few pictures one night in the almost-darkness, and that's it. Must rectify that. Right now, she is upstairs with a miserable cold. Luckily we have the audio book of The Deathly Hallows, so we're pretty well amused, but I'd be happier if she were well enough to go to school!