Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to knitting

We're definitely not on holiday anymore, but in the full September chaos. So, now, what about those summer knitting goals?

1. Finish the Rockpool cardi. By the end of September! yeah, yeah

Oh, actually that has been frogged, and is being turned into a Basalt Tank.

I really won't be needing such a thing for another 8 or 9 months, but I like doing it, although I haven't touched it since I got back.

I will try to keep to the "end of September" goal, even though it's now a different pattern!

2. Finish the pink blotch socks... Well, there's a bit of a problem here. I knit one sock, it didn't fit Arthur, so I knit a somewhat modified Broad Ripple, and that didn't fit either, so I'm pausing for breath. I think the new goal should be "finish a pair of socks!"

Oh, gawd... This involves the lost knitting bag. I now have half of one pink sock, and enough yarn to make both socks. Then I have one frogged 50g ball of red and blue yarn, with the other knitted into half a sock and then lost. So, winter is coming and Arthur does need new socks, and I will indeed finish the pink blotch socks by the end of September! BTW, the boat has been searched and the bag is still lost. Waah.

3. Grey lacy gloves for me. I won't be wearing these for months, but I'll finish them! Uh, yeah, I'll get on that.

Hmm. They sit by my bed and I do a few rows now and again. I have separated the stitches for the thumb. Let's attempt to make a bit of progress, but these should be done by glove season, which still gives me a few months (or is it weeks?) I think! They are quite intriguing, and if I can make a pair of gloves from one ball of sock yarn, that'll help with the stash reduction!

I like to think these will make it look like I have hands made of granite, like a superhero I vaguely remember. I think I was thinking of The Thing from the Fantastic Four, but Wikipedia tells me he's really covered in orange scales. I blame the confusion on black & white TV in my youth! Unless anyone knows of a real granite superhero?

4. Use my red and black Stretchwool for a few charity hats. What? Oh, okay....

Nothing to report, captain. Throw out this idea for now!

And now I also have the green pullover on the needles for Arthur. That will be a great garment to have in the near future. Ahem.

So, the things I really want to knit in September are socks and a sweater for Arthur and a summer top and some gloves for me. Sounds like a tall order, but since it seems common for me to overshoot in these plans, I'll just go with it for now. This means abandoning the sock-yarn scarf, which is fine, since I started on too-small needles and would have to start again anyways.

And if we ever emerge from the "back to school" week, we will celebrate the almost-completion of the deck!

It needs a few more 2x6s put in place to provide some shade, but is certainly usable! Now if I could just make it to the liquor store, we could enjoy a G&T as the sun sets.


  1. Oh I am your sister in lost knitting bag lost yarn lost needles pain. Mine was Fleece Artist Sea wool, most of a sock, part of the mate, both my sets of 2mm bamboo dpns and an extra long addi turbo. Not to mention the bag. Sigh. I finally broke down an bought new dpns and am working on the world's most boring sock. Black, stockinette.

  2. Oh, no! I think I will make the trip up the hill to the LYS early next week to replace my needles and yarn, too. Sigh, indeed!

  3. I don't know a granite covered superhero but I have a story along the same lines. My halloween costume one year, at the age when I wanted to concieve and develop my own costume (10?), was Cousin It (from the Adam's family). I carefully planned the thing, spent days sewing yarn to a poncho, dyed my hair and arrived at school triumphant... only to be informed that Cousin It was NOT a nice dark forest GREEN!! I have no idea how that got lost in translation. I blame the b&w show, although I'm only 25 now and I'm sure we had a colour t.v. by this point, hmmm... I hope your little lost bag finds it's way home.


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