Saturday, September 01, 2007

A moment of silence, or is it panic?

We had a lovely holiday! A week at Pender Island in BC and then a few days in Castlegar with my parents. We actually saw all our siblings except one! (Hi, Syd!)

I'll give you the travelogue shortly, but right now we must concentrate on the knitting. I took the red and blue sock, and got to the middle of the heel flap on the airplane. Yay, me. Then it got set aside, since in the cottage I had room to spread out and enjoy knitting the back of a cotton pullover for Arthur. See, a sweater back.

Over that week, I finished the back (lost my cable needle somewhere) and got about 3 inches done on the front. There came a point when I tired of making 8-stitch cables without a needle, and I moved on to the second version of the pink blob sock. Here, pink blob meets headless salmon, about to be barbecued and eaten up.

The finished back got packed, but I think the red and blue sock and the sweater front were squashed into a little black bag. And now, the skill-testing question: WHERE IS THAT LITTLE BLACK BAG????

We've come home, unpacked everything, and can't find it. It's on a bus in Vancouver? In the seat pocket of a little plane?? Under the bed in a cottage on Pender??? I hope it is on Uncle John's boat, but Uncle John is now at Baffin Island, thousands of miles from the boat, and no one can go check.

This vessel, we hope, is hiding the little black bag. Note the pirate flag, which didn't even fall apart!

Meanwhile, I am super sad because I might just have lost
  1. 3 inches of knitted front
  2. a ball of that green cotton that I was just about to join on
  3. a 4.5 mm circular needle
  4. a half-knitted sock that had already caused me some grief
  5. my 2.5 mm wooden needles that cost way more than knitting needles should cost
  6. and finally, the little black bag that got away
I am consoling myself by abandoning everything and making a scarf out of sock yarn, which will, undoubtedly, make me insane soon enough.


  1. Oh, rats, what a rotten end to your holiday. (Maybe little black bag has encountered a black hole?) Mind you, that pirate flag looks really, really impressive.

  2. That is really rough... I hope the needle wasn't an Addi!

  3. Grr, how annoying. Come back little black bag!


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