Thursday, October 25, 2007

History lesson

Once upon a time, if you wanted to get a message to your colleague, you would have to actually use a pen and write words! Then go down the hall to the office to put the note in their mail box. All that trouble, you might as well just talk to them! My dad retired (ack!) 24 years ago, and still has a pad of Interdepartmental Memorandum paper. We always used to have this around the house. I think there were also big pages, for those really long memos. Now I happen to know that people just e-mail each other, "Lunch?"

And yes, this is a clever ploy to divert you from the lack of real knitting progress.


  1. it would be funny if you sent "come to dinner" or "dont leave old tissues in the pants you throw in the laundry" memos to your husband and kids.

  2. What a blast from the past - my dad had pads of these when we were kids to use as scrap paper. Seeing this picture makes me smell Crayolas!

  3. ooh, real writing. scary! is this an early hallowe'en post?


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