Friday, October 31, 2008


November seems to be a month for people to get a bit compulsive. I think it started with the novel writing, but now there's NaNoSweMo for people who want to knit a sweater in a month, and NaBloPoMo if you want to blog every day. And probably many other PoMoBloGo things, too.

But, what shall I do? (Don't we all love that "do" doesn't rhyme with "go"?)

I was thinking of doing the Blo Po, that is, posting every day. I think I can handle that.

About knitting, let's review. What did I say at the beginning of October? And what did I actually do?

Coming up: October is
Socktober so some socks will get knit, though I can't right now put my finger on that green yarn I took a picture of!

The green yarn bit the dust early on. Switched to this stripey stuff. These were really a distraction from all the rectangles of October, and although I have knit the leg of sock #1, I didn't give them my full attention. I'm sure many Socktoberists were more successful!

The secret project will get finished;

Yes, it's done and delivered.

the big wraps, brown and
blue, will get some work, really they will! (Unless something else sweeps me off course!)

Blue wrap done!

And the brown!

I also knitted my funny ripple scrap scarf, which now looks like this. Another rectangle for October.

So, let's see. In November, I shall say that I will finish the denim sweater for me. That will be my NaNo project. I'm not sure if this is following the rules, to finish up something already on the needles, but remember Rule # whatever: We don't need no stinkin' rules.

I could also turn my mind to the grey mitt; Elaine needs a head snug; and I have some lovely yarn and a fine idea, so I might start my lace Pixie shawl. Well, that, as usual, is too much.

And folks, this is my 500th post! Since July 2005 I have been writing this! I should celebrate somehow, but I think I'll just celebrate by NaNoBloPo-ing, and get up to 530 posts.

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