Monday, December 15, 2008

For some reason, I've been making dishcloths

We're in the pre-Christmas confusion here at the Casa della Cam. The denim sweater is on hold while I work on a TSKP, as Rosie would call it (top secret knitting project). But I can't show you the TSKP, as it is indeed top secret! I only knit it while everyone is at work or school, but somehow I don't have the ooomph necessary to work on the denim sweater in the evenings. I did pump up my denim enthusiasm recently by looking at Indigo Knits -- what a fine book! Must make a Whitby (Ravelry link) in my spare time.

The charity vest just needs ribbing around the neck and arms. I could really get that done if I set to it, couldn't I? Paying attention for an evening or two... I could do that.

But instead, I've dug out the dishcloth cotton, and am cranking out washcloths at an alarming rate. And some of them are pretty alarming themselves!

Does this say, "Made of various odds and ends" to you? How I thought I could get a whole dishcloth out of those purple/yellow bits, I dunno! This one, I think I'll be keeping!

And for your Misplaced Commas of the Week, I give you:

Spiro,s Tailor,s Alteration
Ladie,s & Men,s & Repairs of all kinds


  1. Here's another misplaced comma that has been going on for years:

    Ontario Lawyer's Phone Book


  2. You MUST make Whitby--it's a sweater for the ages.

    (Me too, by the way. I have the yarn and just haven't gotten the message to CAST ON NOW.)

    xo Kay


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