Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Multi-level condo

After working on my Caribbean Blue scarf for a few more inches, I decided to weigh the knitted bit and the remaining yarn and found out the scarf was going to turn out to be more than 1 foot wide and maybe not even 4 feet long. That didn't, as they say, meet my needs.

So I looked around and thought of various things, and came up with Condo Knitting -- garter stitch with one small needle and one big one.

I went along for a few rows, alternating my lovely lone Brittany US9 (what is that, 5.5 mm? I thought it was smaller) with a 15 mm, until I noticed that the colours were going to pool, and I would have a splotch of green in almost exactly the same place regularly up the scarf. How to fix this wretched problem?

Aha! I found myself a 10 mm, 7.5 mm and a 6 mm. Now, with 5 different sizes, I get no pooling, and a more interesting looking scarf, which should end up about 6 feet long, I figure. Now the only problem is to remember to take pictures during daylight hours to avoid glary flash photos.

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  1. Three needle sizes - good idea. You can also do a row with yo/k2tog periodically to help break it up.


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