Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the winner is...

Phew, my week of watching winners and losers is over! I saw all the individual acts from the final show of Britain's Got Talent Saturday afternoon, but then there was a long break, and we had to go out to a birthday party, away from any internet connection, so we didn't know who'd won! We were coming home and read on a board in the subway station that Susan Boyle had come in second, but no word on who was first!

Our return home was slightly delayed when we emerged from the subway to find it pelting down rain! We waited inside for a bit but finally decided to brave the elements and walk the few blocks. The sun was peeping through by the time we got home, which just led to more delay, when we realized it was perfect rainbow conditions!

At last we learn: Diversity takes the big prize. Hey, the choreographer is a physics student!

My faves were Shaun Smith and Gregg Pritchard and Julian Smith, and I had a soft spot for Jamie Pugh as well. Yeah, and some of the kids were great, especially, I think, Callum Francis. Certainly I would never have heard of this show without the Susan Boyle hoopla! She behaved with grace and charm last night, and even seemed to be relieved to have an end to all this in sight! Well done all of you!

(And I have tried, since seeing Knit and Natter in the auditions, to come up with entertaining textile art/sport, and have only come up with juggling balls of yarn to braid them together -- feel free to use this idea next year when they do auditions for the next series!)


  1. Hmm not sure about the idea of weaving by juggling Mary! Let me know how it works LOL

  2. Sorry to hear you got soaked going home. We were thinking of you when the skies opened up. (Not that it did you any good!) But I'm glad you caught that rainbow. We missed it.


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