Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finals tonight

Well, the last semi-final was another night of big excitement. Little Hollie cracked and got a second chance, and ended up in the final. Aidan's show was brilliant and got him first place, but the video effects were so cool I didn't much notice the dancing... And poor Gregg with his wild costume and wild singing came third.

You can see the finalists all in a row here, and even vote for your fave! When I checked this morning, Susan had about 50% and the next highest was Julian with 10!

The finalists are:

2 Grand
Aidan Davis
Hollie Steele
Julian Smith
Shaheen Jafargholi
Shaun Smith
Stavros Flatley
Susan Boyle

It'll be crazy, and I hope nobody cries too much... I'd really like Julian or Shaun to win, but if the real poll is anything like that online one, there's not much chance anyone but Susan will. Unless she cracks up...

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